Joanna Williams
Patterns of Thought, 2013
Hand folded origami, projected animation
2.5 x 1.7m

Patterns of Thought reimagines the role of architectural space through the lens of geometric abstraction and architectural deconstructivism. The work comments on the illusionary and practical definition of urban architecture informed by the writings of Michel de Certeau’s Walking in the City and similarly explored in artist Peter Halley’s The Deployment of the Geometric. According to Certeau it is specifically the walking people who brings the city to life, with thousands of individuals, each writing their own story and giving their own interpretation and in turn piecing together a cityscape complete with individual viewpoints and opinions. Halley furthers Certeau’s theory highlighting the methodical and pre planned geometric urban landscape, “the deployment of the geometric dominates the landscape. Space is divided into discrete, isolated cells, explicitly determined as to extent and function.”