Joanna Williams
Terrain, 2018
BioPak Art Series

Terrain began as an experimental play with 2 and 3 dimensionality; the end result of the work depicts a junction between natural topography and the materiality and shape of paper; its use and environmental impact.

Using the cylindrical canvas of the coffee cup, Terrain invites the viewer on an exploration of its dimensionality and shape, begging the question of whether the cup is 2D or 3D? Has it been crumpled? What is it made out of? What will it feel like to touch? All of these questions draw the audience’s attention to the materiality of the cup, the most environmentally crucial component. The play of paper on paper was a deliberate intention of the artwork; paper as an example of an everyday material readily disposed of and disregarded without thought- like so much of the natural world. Terrain in a small way opens up the possibility for people to take responsibility and care for the materials they consume and draws attention to the act of environmental disposure.

In using paper the artwork stays true to the environmental ethos of BioPak by choosing to address sustainability as the main cause and unengaging the involvement of non-renewable fossil based resources.

BioPak are proud to support and promote the arts community with the BioCup Art Series. Every three months we will print artwork from Australian and New Zealand artists on our 8oz, 12oz and 16oz single wall and double wall BioCups. Our curator Kate Armstrong seeks out artists who explore environmental themes at the core of their practice. Delight and engage your coffee customers with this changing series that looks at sustainability issues from what is involved in building a house, to the the beauty of Australian bush flowers or the urban environment.