Joanna Williams
Architectural Drawing series, 2014
Digital photograph
21 x 15cm

The 2D Cutting series is concerned with the redefinition of disused architectural and industrial sites, and the degenerative changes that disrupt our beliefs in the permanency of the built environment. The works draw upon the theoretical discourse surrounding perspectivism and its visualisation within Gordon Matta-Clark’s architectural cuttings. In essence, the series is a two-dimensional manifestation of Matta-Clark’s three-dimensional processes. The works respond to Matta-Clark’s cuttings as his personal dissection of space, a constructed view reflecting his experience and impression of a given site, which Nietzsche’s theories on perspectivism define as an essential condition of human life. By adapting the origami folding process in the formation of the foreground I have connected the notion of multiplicity and evolving continuum with the perceptual totality of my personal viewpoint.

The 2D Cutting series speaks in a small way about our perception of the world being not just a factor of our individual minds but a complex interaction of ourselves, our world and everything within it.