Joanna Williams
A Folded Perspective: Willoughby Incinerator, 2014
Folded paper, projection (photograph, animation)
1.8 x 1.5m

A Folded Perspective: Willoughby Incinerator centres on the Willoughby Incinerator site through an analysis of existing conditions together with interpretative and generative investigation. The work embodies movement through the undulating rhythms of the folded planes, allowing for a flow of perceptions through bodily and physical transitions in space which serves to continually re arrange the sites architectural and entropic history. Like Allan Kaprow’s Happenings, the folded, free-flowing landscape scroll compels the viewer to play an active role in the perception of multiple collaged photographs; engaging, perceiving, and enacting the work. A Folded Perspective: Willoughby Incinerator constructs a second condition of reality surrounding the site, representing another way of exploring the spaces and forms of its structures through a depiction of the characteristics of the site, the entropic and historic resonance, alongside my personal association with the site from my childhood and today.